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Shampoo Strategies for Toddlers



If there’s one thing almost all toddlers have in common, it’s a profound dislike of having a lot of water poured over their heads. Most of the time, that’s fine. We’ll avoid getting hit in the face by a spray … Continue reading

3 Pictures of Perfect Parenting



I recently attended a parenting talk at the children’s school on the topic of “Being the Parent You Always Wanted To Be.” It was quite enlightening and certainly gave us parents a lot to talk about the following week.  The … Continue reading

Gardening With Children



As we see the first signs of the crocus and cherry blossom buds, many of us are getting the gardening itch! Perhaps you have dug through the shed to find your seed planting flats and shaken out your gardening gloves … Continue reading

3 Empty Jam Jars



We wrote recently about the weekly Responsibility Chart and setting household tasks for the children.  Well, we’re on week 4 and I have to report that overall, the initiative has been a huge success!  Each Sunday the children select their … Continue reading

Turn Learning Into Fun!



Do you ever watch your child in amazement and think about how much they learn every day?  It’s remarkable!  I have heard that a person learns more before the age of four than they do for the rest of their … Continue reading

Kung Hei Fat Choi!



This week many of our friends and family will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and welcoming the year of the rabbit.  For those of us not of Chinese heritage, it’s a great opportunity for the whole family to experience … Continue reading

The Responsibility Chart



This week our family got out the picture hanging kit, found an empty section of wall in the kids room and hung up responsibility charts for each of our two children.  We had tried the home-made responsibility charts and weekly … Continue reading

A Win For Canadian Children



The announcement comes today as the Canadian federal government has finally agreed to ban six phthalates, chemicals that are commonly used in the manufacture of children’s vinyl toys.  This new regulation will be implemented in June of this year. Phthalates … Continue reading

Preschool Panic



I was walking through the neighbourhood enjoying a lovely evening stroll when a woman who was out working in her garden stopped to ask how far along I was.  At that point I was about 8 months pregnant.  She looked … Continue reading

Holiday Leftovers?



We plan for weeks, cook for days and eat for minutes.  Of course, we we couldn’t possibly not have enough for the holiday feast so, what the heck, throw in a bit extra, just in case.  Well, now what do … Continue reading