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Are There Parabens in Your Shampoo?



If you’re in the habit of reading cosmetic labels, you may have noticed that a common ingredient in moisturizers, shampoos, body washes and makeup is one of the group of most-used parabens: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben or butylparaben. You may have … Continue reading

Baby Skincare: What You Need to Know About Scents and Pthalates



Nothing smells better than a freshly bathed baby, but did you know that certain ingredients used to create the scent in baby shampoos and skincare products can be harmful? Many synthetically produced scents, fragrances and perfumes found in cosmetics, lotions … Continue reading

The Dirt on Sodium Lauryl Sulfate



Every personal care product that foams up needs to have an ingredient called a surfactant in order to produce that lather. Surfactants also help mix together oil and water, disperse ingredients throughout a product and maintain a product’s thickened consistency. … Continue reading

Bath Safety for Babies and Toddlers



Bath time for little ones is a time to relax, have fun, play with some bubbles and sing songs. Taking the time to remove potential hazards from the bathroom is an important step to making sure that bath time stays safe and fun. Continue reading