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10 Things To Do While Supervising Bath Time



Little kids need to be supervised while they’re having a bath, but as babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers, they no longer need to be actively held or within arm’s reach every moment they are in the tub. However, that … Continue reading

Dealing With a Reluctant Bather



Most of the time, little kids love baths. There’s bubbles and toys and parents and water! What’s not to love? Well, some kids don’t love baths for one reason or another, and helping them get over that aversion can take … Continue reading

Newborn Bath Time Fun



Does your baby love his bath?  While many parents imagine that bath time will be an immediate hit, many babies seriously dislike having a bath, especially during the first three months.  Bath time often becomes more fun once babies can … Continue reading

Best Bath Toys for Toddlers



Older babies and toddlers who can sit up and pour, stack, splash and topple toys are ready to add bath toys to their bath time fun. Bath toys for toddlers can be really simple or more elaborate toys that twirl, spray and turn when water is poured through. Need some ideas? Try these! Continue reading