Monthly Archives: October 2010

Healthy School Treats



Birthdays and school parties are fun for children to look forward to and it is a time for sharing with their friends. They love the change from the regular routine, special songs & rituals and of course, TREATS! If your … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!



The biggest candy day of the year is fast approaching and I’m sure your little wizards and princesses are planning their costumes and dreaming about mountains of candy! So what is your family’s candy policy? We’ve heard of some families … Continue reading

Formaldehyde & The Quest For Straight Hair



Really? Do we even need to go here? Well, with the recent buzz about town over the unlawful levels of formaldehyde seeping in to the beauty crazed-world of chemical hair-straightening solutions, we feel we’ve got to put our two cents … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Baking Fun!



Baking is such a great activity for children to do with their parents and they can feel a real sense of accomplishment from it. What’s great is that you can start baking with your children from the time they can … Continue reading




We’re breaking out the bubbly (bubble bath that is!) as we are proud to announce the launch of Coco & Tini, our new-to-the-world children’s bath & body care line that is made with 100% natural-source ingredients. We developed these products … Continue reading