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I recently reconnected with my best friend from high school and learned she was expecting her first child.  What an exciting conversation!  I absolutely love talking with new to-be mums who are experiencing the joy of pregnancy for the first … Continue reading

Immune To The Cold



Well the cold weather has set in and until now, my children have been trying to get away with wearing their shorts and t-shirts out of the house. Yes, that’s right- shorts and t-shirts!  It seems in their nature to … Continue reading

Elusive Sleep



Sleep, or lack of it, is probably the most discussed conversation among parents we know.  Of course we’re hardest hit as new parents in the first few months of baby’s arrival, but sleep after children is never really the same, … Continue reading

So What Exactly Is A Paraben?



In short, parabens are the most widely used antimicrobial preservative in cosmetic and personal care products today. You will find them in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, shaving gels, toothpaste and even as food additives. You might recognize them on … Continue reading